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4th of July at a Colorado Dude Ranch

I was lucky enough to receive an invite from Andrew Hyde to visit Black Mountain Ranch, a dude ranch north of Beaver Creek (thanks, Andrew!). The property is a fully functional longhorn ranch, meaning the wranglers are real cowboys (pronounce with an authentic McCoy twang for full effect). The digs are cozy and comfy, and the delicious meals are prepared by a chef who trained at Frasca in Boulder. A saloon allows for some boot scootin’ and whiskey swillin’, should you need to loosen up after a long day in the saddle. I truly enjoyed my time at the ranch— their hospitality allowed me to fully soak up the fresh mountain air. My visit was punctuated with horse rides, lasso tosses, delicious meals, starry nights, and restful sleeps. Here’s the evidence.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Take a look at Black Mountain Ranch’s Flickr page for more.



I love good coffee, good bikes, and good people.

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