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This photo is from me snowshoeing with Sally Classen. It was snowing pretty hard, which I enjoyed- snow doesn’t bother me at all. This was Saturday, and on Sunday, I hung out with my friend Erin so my parents could go skiing. It was fun to get away from them and be with my own friends.

I reduced the time I go to Learning Rx (a brain training course) so I could have more time doing what I wanted. Going to it five times a week was really challenging, so I do three times a week. I also go to physical therapy twice a week, and even that is too much, so we might be reducing it to once every other week or once every six weeks. They have me doing exercises, and I can do most of them at home.

I’m starting work again for Denny, ink (my job when I was in Jackson). He didn’t say “yes” or “no,” so I just started doing it anyway. It gives me something to do when I’m at home. Alex Phillips mentioned that I could freelance, which is something more to do.

Today, Eric Stout is taking me out to lunch, and tomorrow (Sunday), Cassie Thill is coming over. It’s a busy weekend but I wouldn’t want it any other way!



I love good coffee, good bikes, and good people.

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