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My struggles, and benefits

Since I had the TBI, a lot has changed for me: my vision (I now have double vision), my balance, and I used to be right-handed, and now I’m left-handed. I’m staying at home with my parents, which is hard, but I’m trying to stay busy with freelance writing. None of my friends live down here- they mostly live in Boulder, Denver, and Summit County, and as far away as Seattle. So, it’s mostly me and my parents at home, and I’m trying to stay entertained. When you used to live with your friends, and they were nearby, I never was bored. Living so far away from my friends is the hardest part. I plan on moving back to Boulder anytime from January to March, and that will be a much needed change.

Still, I’m pretty involved in the ski world, despite my injury. I’ve freelanced for a few different magazines, and mostly it’s about skiing. I’ve worked for ESPN Freeskiing, Powder Magazine, and Elevation Outdoors. I interviewed Bobby Brown for Elevation Outdoors (here’s the link). I’m trying to keep myself busy, and I always wanted to freelance write, so this is my chance. I might as well put the English degree I got at CU to use, right?



I love good coffee, good bikes, and good people.

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