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Back in Boulder

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve posted, but I’m extremely happy to say that I’m back in Boulder! It’s a much better place for me: most of my friends are up here (or close by), I recently got an internship at Dynafit, and there’s a lot of great (er, yummy) stuff in this town.

Some of my favorite places are Aloy Thai, The Cup for coffee, Sherpas, and Pizzaria Locale– to name a few 🙂

Tonight, my mom and I had dinner at Andrew Hyde’s house. It was actually blizzarding out (I hope the rain we got turns into snow!), so we ate and left quickly- because it was snowing.

Last night, I had dinner with Cassie Thill, and tomorrow night, I’ll have dinner with Sam Killgore. It’s so great to be up there because I haven’t been able to see these people for such a long time, and I’m trying to do it all.

And here’s a picture of a french bulldog, which I still want.


That’s all! Hope you’re having a great day.



I love good coffee, good bikes, and good people.

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