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At work!

I’m at work today (and I’m just volunteering) but my boss is out of town, so I thought I’d blog.

Job future: I’m pretty good at social media, and I’d like to get a job that suits what I’m good at. I’m also good at public speaking, and I would love to tell skiers and snowboarders about why it’s so so important to wear a helmet when you ski or ride- it saved my life!

Also, I live in a place where it’s extremely hard to walk to the bus stop, which, right now, is my only form of transportation. But a lot of my friends in Boulder have offered me rides to work, so I’m so thankful for that. I just need to ask for help when I need it- there are a bunch of people around me who drive, so I’m learning that I can’t be afraid to ask.

Life is different for me now in Boulder, but I’m learning to adjust. Just because something is frustrating/ doesn’t work out the way I’ve planned, I shouldn’t give up. Photo on 1-13-14 at 11.35 AM #2



I love good coffee, good bikes, and good people.

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