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Cooking… makes me happy

Since I’ve had a hard time recently because life isn’t the same as it used to be, Nick made a great point. Even though you can’t love things you used to love doing means that you have to find other things you love doing- and for me, that means stuff that I can still be great at, even though I had the ski accident. And right now, that’s cooking.

Since I’m at home in Colorado Springs, I was able to cook my parents dinner- and it was really, really good. I made black bean soft tacos from Smitten Kitchen– I love black beans and tacos, so this recipe sounded good when I read the title. Here’s the recipe. For dessert, mom said she had plenty of bananas and she wanted to use them up, so we found a banana cake recipe (link here).  I don’t really like bananas, but like my dad said, as long as they’re cooked, I can eat them.

So even though things are in no way like they used to be, I’ve learned (thanks to Nick) that I have to find new things that I love. And for me, right now (and for a long time in the past, actually) that means cooking.



I love good coffee, good bikes, and good people.

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