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What’s going on

Things have been going pretty well for me. Last night, I went to a Red Rocks concert with Fahren and Tyler (my friends from Copper Mtn Ski Patrol), and we saw Gregory Alan Isakov- who I’ve never seen and was DYING to see. I’ve recently started work for my friend Andrew at his company. He started Boulder Startup Week, and it’s now owner/run by a larger company in Seattle. Working for him is great, and because he’s a close friend, I can say that I don’t have enough energy to go into work (like today). Having work to go to seems like a simple thing, but having a schedule keeps me on-track and I don’t get frustrated/annoyed as easily. And, this Sunday’s my birthday, so I’m happy to be at home in Colorado Springs, see the dog(s), and be relaxed and do what I want to do.

(My brother has a chocolate lab/German short haired pointer mix puppy, so it’s very good to have family members who have dogs, so I don’t have to get one!!)

With a TBI like I have, I’ve learned that it’s very good to thank and appreciate the people that have helped you. Last night at the concert, I have some balance issues, so having Fahren and Tyler help me was a step above what they had to do. I’m not exactly capable of what I used to e able to do, so rather than seeing that as a frustrating thing, I’ve just realized that I meed more assistance doing what I used to do (like walking, for instance) and I should gladly accept it from the people who offer it. Last night, at the concert, Fahren had found us new seats down the row, and the woman next to me noticed that I lost my balance and kind of fell into the guy siting on the other side of me. The woman said she’d help me walk down to where Fahren was sitting, and I didn’t even know her, but I gladly accepted. That was just one example I noticed where I need to accept help I need from people who offer it.

I’m already excited for the weekend- a chance to relax, celebrate doing what I want to do (it’s my birthday, after all!) and be with my parents and my dog. Hope you are as excited for the weekend as I am!


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I love good coffee, good bikes, and good people.

One thought on “What’s going on

  1. Hi Sally
    Happy Birthday. I love Gregory Alan Isakov too. I’ve seen him several times and had the opportunity to meet him with a friend of mine who knows him. He’s great, isn’t he. So glad you had fun!!

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