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Moving home

Although I love living in Boulder, moving home is what I need right now. I’m lonely being away from my parents (and my dog!), and living in Boulder had me worried about things- mostly, finding a job. If I move home, I will save some money and be able to focus on recovery.

I had lunch with my friend Andrew Hyde yesterday, and he asked if I had fallen because my walking was funny. No, I haven’t fallen, and that’s just more proof that I need to go home and focus on the things that make me feel, and look better.

What’s hard for me about living in Boulder is that my good friends lives have moved on- they’re enjoying their jobs, have a boyfriend or are married, and/or expecting a child. While I’m so incredibly happy for them, it just reminds me that I’m not progressing in the working world, I don’t have a boyfriend, and this ski accident has affected most everything with the way I live. I used to find great joy in my job, and since that has been affected (is it “affected” or “effected”? I’m an English major and I don’t even know) by my accident, that’s really tough for me. It is proof that I shouldn’t have had that much joy in my job, but I did, and there’s no way to change that now.

Hopefully moving home will give me the rest I need. Oh, and since I’m renting my apartment out for the month of October, I will make some money- another great step about moving home!

Oh, and I’m covering the “Pretty Faces” premiere at the Boulder Theater on Tuesday for Skiing Magazine. I’m excited because this will be the first all-female ski film our there. It was made by my friend Lynsey Dyer who lives up in Jackson, WY, and asked ski film companies if they had female ski footage that they weren’t going to use in their film, and she incorporated it into her film, without having to go out and film everything. I’m excited to see great female skiers in this film- and only females!!



I love good coffee, good bikes, and good people.

7 thoughts on “Moving home

  1. Keep being strong Sally! And if it makes you feel any better, I think there are a lot of us that are regularly confused by “affected” vs. “effected” 🙂

  2. Sally, we’ll miss you here! But I think you are making a smart decision, you know best what feels right. I am realizing more and more that with a TBI, we have to go by what feels right, and do that. Not always easy, but the only way, I think. I wish you the very best in your recovery, have fun with your dogs and your friends and family in the Springs! You’ll just move back to Boulder if and when you want to! And don’t stop cooking!
    Big hug, Selma

    1. Hi Selma, sorry I just saw this! I miss being in Boulder, because there were a ton of things going well for me, but it’s better for me to be at home with my parents. I miss you, though! Hope you are doing well!

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