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Headed Home From Jackson

I spent a long weekend in Jackson, Wyoming. My friend CD (aka Chris Denny) invited me up to the Watershed Jackson event, where Kevin Pearce would be the lead speaker. I watched the movie about him, “The Crash Reel,” and I was so excited to hear him speak. He also ha a TBI, so it was great to hear someone else speak about his TBI.

What I found interesting was that he still found ways to ski, just safer ways. As long as there’s powder or soft snow, he can ski. After watching his film, I thought you were actually not allowed to go skiing again. Doctors in his movie said it would be life-altering if he had another TBI, and I thought that meant never go skiing again. But it was good to hear him talk about going skiing again, but in a safer way than the halfpipe was.Kevin Pearce_20141122_5D_0019

That gives me hope. I fell on a pretty steep tun, and I stopped by hitting my head on some rocks. Luckily, the helmet I was wearing saved my life. Even though I can’t ski like I used to, hearing him say he just has to find a different form of snowboarding and not stopping was good.

The right side of my body has less coordination that the left, so that means I have trouble controlling my skis. I talked to a guy at Watershed who has trouble with his left side, so that ski is much shorter. He said he has trouble knowing exactly where to go, so a person skis in front of him to tell him exactly where to go. I don’t have that problem, but he’s figured out a way to make it work.

Through blogging for Copper Mtn, I have earned a season pass as compensation. And since skiing is still possible for me, and I used to love it, I will try it agin. It’s kind of exciting for me that after a TBI, people still ski, just in safer ways.

Going back to Jackson was great, because I still love it, but I used to be a much different person before my ski accident. The snow they have on the ground here makes it difficult to walk. I also saw some of my close friends up here last night, but I met them through skiing. So it will be hard if I moved back here, because I might have to make new friends that I didn’t make through just skiing. Don and Shea luckily hosted the dinner party that I planned on last night, and my other trends Jeff, Patrick and Kendall, and Karissa came. It was great to be up here and see all those people, and learn that I can still ski, just in a different way.



I love good coffee, good bikes, and good people.

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