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Trying nerofeedback


Thanks to the High Fives Foundation, I’m trying neurofeedback. My dad met some people who’s son was hit in the head by a baseball when he was pretty young, and they’ve seen a benefit to neurofeedback for him. The guy who’s “doing” it to me is his father. It won’t hurt my brain in any way, so I might as well try it.

There’s a chance it will improve my writing. As you probably know, I was right handed before my accident and now I’m a leftie, so there’s a possibility it will help with my handed-ness so I might be able to write with my right hand again. To write this, I’m using an iPad, and to type (because you have to do that on the screen), I’m using my left hand. Neurofeedback has helped me in “small” ways, like I used to get up to go to the bathroom twice while I was sleeping, and now it’s only once. So I’m hoping there’s a chance it will help me with my coordination, too.

My friend Nick Mercer, who also suffered a TBI, has written this post about why exercise is so good for the brain. He teaches Pilates, so I tried that, but it was difficult for me because there was something made of metal (or something similar) that you have to push with your feet before you switch to another move, and the fact that my right side has less coordination meant it banged into the metal thing before I could do the next exercise. So, I don’t think that was for me. I work with a personal trainer, Trista, on trying to keep my body strong. This is the third time I’ve applied for a grant from the High Fives Foundation, and they didn’t approve it (darn!), but I find it so important to keep working with her. I worked out with her again today, because she had to skip last Tuesday, and I find it really beneficial (and important!) to have her twice a week, so I might just pay for it myself.

That’s all for now- my brother just bought a house nearby very expensive Boulder, so I’m happy to help him “design” the place! And that is a photo is of me skiing with Steve Hemphill (aka Steve Hemp) and Kait Rohlfing at Copper!



I love good coffee, good bikes, and good people.

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