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Sprained ankle :-(

unnamedThe SIA snow show is starting Thursday in Denver, and the High Fives Foundation is having a “presentation” on Saturday at noon, which I’m attending. I’ll also see more of my trade show buddies while I’m in the convention center. Then, I was going to ski at the On-Snow demo of SIA on Tuesday, and in order to convince people to ski with me, they had to donate $50 or $100 to the High Fives Foundation. When I was at the trade show on Saturday, I was going to round up some donations from the people I knew.

But yesterday, as we were looking at my brother’s new house, we were headed to eat lunch in the backyard. There was a large outdoor chair at the table we were going to eat at, and I foolishly thought I could sneak by to the other side to sit down. My mistake, because I fell off the patio and onto the ground, causing a severe sprain on my right ankle. Now I have a boot on it. That also means that I cannot go skiing to raise money for High Fives either.

I will still go to SIA and say hi to people on Saturday, but I was also going to convince people to ski with me and also donate to the foundation that has so generously helped me in many steps of my recovery. Since I can’t go skiing on Tuesday, I’m writing to ask you one simple thing. If you would be kind enough to donate to High Fives (with “Sally Francklyn Ski Day” posted in your donation, too), that would be so helpful to me. I’m really sad that I can’t give back to the foundation who has graciously supported me by doing my best to go skiing, and asking people to donate. I can’t go skiing, which is a big bummer, but I ask that you donate in my honor.



I love good coffee, good bikes, and good people.

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