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I realize it’s been a long time since I’ve posted, so I figured I would!

I’m up at our cabin in Leadville, and my mom and dad are skiing, so I stayed home (mostly because my foot hurts really bad in the ski boot- before next season, I’ll take into Surefoot or something and see if they can tweak it). So, I figured I better post something to make sure you’re updated!

I just made raspberry coconut bars. Here’s the recipe I followed. The recipe I followed didn’t call for any flour (what? A baking recipe without any flour?!?), but they are actually tasty.

Recently, I applied for many jobs- like 8 or 10. Now that I’ve submitted my applications, I’m playing the waiting game. Who knows, I might apply for more. I’m working with a vocational rehab counselor, because after my ski accident, I don’t have the energy to work 9-5 every day. If I get the interview, she works with this guy whose job it is to talk to the employer and explain what my situation is. Then, if I’m hired, I think I’ll go through this “work span” where the DVR can see if I’m cut out or the right fit for that job, and they actually pay the company to let me do that. There was a loooong wait list when I first started working with them (maybe four months ago?), and since my injury is rated the highest on their scale, I was bumped off first. I applied for sports social media jobs, but those were so easy to find up in Boulder, but it’s way harder down here. Luckily, USA Triathlon is close to our house (I could even walk there), and I applied for three jobs there.

I’m also working with a writing tutor. I majored in English in college, and I used to work for SKI Magazine as the online editor, but after my accident, my writing changed. The tutor has helped me with what maybe are simple things, but they’ve bothered me forever!! For instance, the difference between than and then.Than is a comparison: I like pecans better than walnuts. Then is related to time. I went to dinnerthen I went to the movies. Also, she’s taught me how to use a comma in a sentence with a coordinating conjunction. If there’s a FANBOYS word (For And Nor But Or Yet So) in the section you are wondering if a comma should be added, then it tells you should use a comma. For example, I like to travel, and I like to ski. Since there was an and, that tells you a comma should be added. (I need to find out the rules for saying I like to travel and ski, rather than separating them into two sentences.)

On the 8th Floor of Penrose Hospital where I was, this lady started Rehab Buddies about ten years ago, and she still runs it. She tries to pair me with young people and/or those that have had a TBI. Most patients I’ve been paired with have been older than me, and they are leaving the hospital sometime soon. The patient I see now is younger than me, and he also had a TBI in a car accident. Tuesday afternoon I’m bringing him a milkshake, because when I was in the hospital, my best friend Steve brought milkshakes whenever he showed up, so I’m returning that favor.

I’ve realized after a brain injury, you have to relearn things, or do them differently- it doesn’t mean I have to stop. March is also brain injury month, so that’s another reason to post now (although March is almost over). I’m excited for it to warm up- spring is here and summer’s on it’s way!



I love good coffee, good bikes, and good people.

2 thoughts on “Update

  1. Hi Sally!

    Reading this made me smile and is the best part of my day! It may take a while to get a job that feels right to you and uses your skills, but it’s worth the time to send your energy out there to make it happen.I have no doubt it will happen and improve your life in ways you can’t even imagine.

    You are exactly right about how TBI has changed our abilities and lives. Doing things differently is difficult to accept quickly but sure gets us moving forward on a new path. I’m working on finding my new path now, too. As son as I relaxed into looking to the future and not the past some events starting happening quickly! They are only the beginning and I don’t know yet which path I will be on. We have decided to move up to CO because that area feels much better for us.

    Good luck on your new journey – it’s on the way.


  2. Hi Sally,

    Great post – your writing is so fun because the reader feels like they are sitting right next to you talking with you! I love your FANBOYS clarification. Your Raspberry Coconut bars look yummy, plus they can be made totally gluten free using gluten free graham crackers. I printed out the recipe to save it for future events.

    I’m glad you are applying for several positions at USA Triathalon – are those positions at the US Olympic Training Center? When your mom coached our field hockey team at Colorado College, we would go there to practice on their astro turf – we had a blast and felt like we were Olympiads ourselves – which we weren’t, of course. We did have an undefeated season, thanks to your mom and the team’s hard work. This was way back, before you were even born – 1983! Long time ago!

    Do you like listening to books-on-tape? If you do, I have a suggestion. I’m listening to “The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency” by Alexander McCall Smith – it’s great. It’s about a lady detective from Botswana. The story is very suspenseful and the person reading it uses all of these entertaining African accents. You could read the book, but you wouldn’t get to hear her funny African accents. I highly recommend it! Even Millennials will like it.

    Much love, Aunt Caroline

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