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I’ve realized that living in Colorado Springs has it’s perks, but I’m incredibly lonely and I feel isolated. While I’ve been practicing driving, I’m not sure I can conquer that right now and drive myself around. I mostly rely on my parent to take me places.

While I was a different kind of lonely in Boulder (didn’t enjoy the interaction in my job, had a not-sociable roommate) I’m thinking of moving back up there for that independence. Boulder is great because the bus can take you anywhere you want to go, and also picks up from close-by where you are.  Also, even though most of my friends from college have moved on with their lives/live other places/are married/have kids, for some reason I find comfort in moving back up there.

I’ve also applied for a few jobs up there (and if you have any recommendations, let me know by email!). My experience is within the ski industry, and since I had this life-altering accident while skiing, I’m not sure that I can physically do the same things that I used to. Today I applied for a job totally outside the ski realm, and that got me thinking “Maybe this is a better fit for me.”

That’s hard, mostly because my experience and knowledge are within that industry. I would like to stick in the outdoor industry though, so maybe I need to look beyond just skiing.

I’m lucky enough to own a place up in Boulder, and the last roommate I found on Craigslist wasn’t suitable. If you or anyone you know would like to live in an awesome place with me in Boulder, starting in May or June, please let me know!

Let me know your thoughts on Boulder vs. Colorado Springs. CU-Boulder 1.jpeg



I love good coffee, good bikes, and good people.

7 thoughts on “Thinking…

  1. Sally, I’d love to take you to lunch and share my thoughts with you on the Boulder vs CS. I’m Margrit’s neighbor and my brother Dave suffered a TBI 15 years ago. I lived in Boulder and went to massage school there and my husband graduated college from there. We love Boulder. But CS has a lot to offer too and having your parents here is one of the biggest assists for you. Have you ever considered using the Metro system? It will pick you up and take you to work etc for a very nominal fee. Being dependent on your parents to get around must be hard. CS is such an active community too where there HAS to be a cool job for you. I was wondering if you’d ever consider working with Special Olympics or the Therapeutic Rec program to teach others how to ski and adaptive ski? You’d be a fabulous instructor to kids like my special needs daughter who has autism. I’d also like to suggest a process where you gather those closest to you and have a positive only brainstorming session about what your best life can look like. I’ll research the agency that provides facilitators to do that. You’d be a great candidate at this phase of your life. Those that love you the most I’m sure have great ideas and everyones ideas feed off of each other. Everyone has contacts and connections to make your dreams come true. And at the end of the session it’s all mapped out how to get there. Let’s talk. xo

    1. Hi Kathy, yes, Margrit told me about you. While I do love being close to my parents, I feel so isolated here. The Metro system might benefit me, but after almost two and a half years applying for jobs, I’m kind of at the end of my rope down here. And while teaching adaptive skiing is a great idea, I have difficulty myself skiing, so I cannot teach another person- I have to learn it myself. We can go to lunch, but I feel so isolated here and I’m possibly going to move back up to Boulder.

  2. Sally look @ Vail resorts There’s A ton job listed. I know how you feel I’m missing the ski industry also. I’m looking into Vail for this summer to get back into doing what I truly loved. My biggest issue is choosing between Colorado or the lake Tahoe area. If I end up in Colorado would love to do lunch or maybe even a day of skiing some with you .. Hang in there. God Bless

    1. Hi Peter, I did recently apply for a Vail Resorts job, and there’s a hiring event this coming Thursday so I’ll definitely check it out! In Truckee (near Lake Tahoe) there’s the High Fives Foundation which has financially supported me in a lot of ways. If I could live in California, I’d totally move there!!

      1. Morning Sally I to could live in Tahoe , Its really beautiful there one of Gods great works when he made that area. And its a little bit more affordable then the resort towns in Colorado. Best of luck to you at the Vail job fair. I recently became an ordained Minister. I believe God has a plan for you. Sincerely Peter M Geisthardt

  3. Hey Sally. I live in Longmont, but work in Boulder 4 times a week. I’m a part of First Pres’ young adult ministry called Linger. They are a really great group of people. We meet once a month on the second Sunday for dinner at a home near the flatirons and there is a weekly Bible study group that meets on Thursdays. Everyone is always hanging out with each other and they often go to church and hang out afterwards on Sundays. Let me know if this is something you are interested in, I’d love to introduce you to them.

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