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I went skinning today! I’ve had trouble with it since my accident, and before it used to come so easily. My dad and I went out today on the Mineral Belt Trail, and I’m happy to say that my body has learned again how to skin! I got tired pretty quickly, and I don’t know if that’s because of my physical strength doing the exercise or just being on the snow trying a skill that’s become hard for me.

My friend from when I ski patrolled at Copper is completing one of her residencies in Breckenridge. She’s going to PA school, studying at the school my other friend from ski patrol did, and she’s completing her residency at his hospital. I’m so glad that she’s stayed in touch with me, even after the hard things we’ve both been through, and I’m having dinner with her tonight! It’s great that she’s made the trip to come over and have dinner with me here in Leadville!

Even though my phone interview for the job at Vail Resorts went so well, I’m worried about working in the ski industry again because I can’t do the same things on snow that I used to be able to. I’m not sure, however, if my experience will ever let me out of that source of work. I would love to get this job, and then after some time working there I can expand my reach.

Hope you’re having a good Sunday! The Bronco’s are playing the Steelers this afternoon, and we brought a TV up just to watch that game (we don’t normally have a TV). Fingers crossed they win!



I love good coffee, good bikes, and good people.

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