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Your Head 

Donny O’Neil recently wrote this post about head injuries while skiing. Only professional athletes are explained, but it can happen to anyone (I am proof).

It was initially common in football players, which led to a study on it. “Concussion” is a movie about chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) as a result of repetitive head injuries-they can be as simple as a concussion. Say  you hit your head while skiing, but feel  good enough to ski the rest of the day. The more of these that happen, the more likely you are to develop CTE.


from this Freeskier story

In “Concussion,” Will Smith learns that some football players with multiple head injuries often commit suicide. He plays a forensic neuropsychologist who looks inside the heads of deceased football players and notices CTE, which probably led to depression and suicide.

O’Neil’s story in Freeskier shows that this is indeed related to skiing. He gives an example of a ski racer who developed CTE and committed suicide. Jamie Crane-Mauzey sustained a TBI at the 2015 AFP World Championships in Whistler. While she truly injured herself while competing, she said “there’s no financial gain unless you do well.” Which might lead to pro skiers trying to achieve something beyond what they’ve practiced- and succeeded at- before.

I wish that what I’ve experienced (and am experiencing) was not so common, but O’Neil’s story shows that it might be. I just want you to think about that- with winter approaching- and don’t overstep your boundaries, because the results might last forever.



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