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Inspired to Improve Skiing

A few days ago, I saw a FB post by Jim Harris (another High Fives Athlete) who was paralyzed by a freak wind accident when he was practicing hang gliding to shoot some photos (he’s very talented photographer; see his work here). Although every injury is different, he wrote about how he thought he would be a much better skier after taking the summer off and allowing his body to recuperate. He wasn’t better, which was disappointing. Yet he used that issue as motivation for him to become a better skier. (He even skins up things- I used to do that all the time, yet haven’t tried since by accident. Maybe it’s time?)

from Jim’s FB page

I have trouble with my right side- left turns are easier while skiing (because my right foot is downhill). What inspired me was that Jim talked about his frustrations, yet he had the willpower to push through them. Rather than being annoyed and disappointed that my right turn is more difficult, I will focus on that every time I ski. What prompted this was the thought that I could improve. Yes, I’ll be angry that these things happen (when they didn’t before), but instead of wallowing in despair about it, I can work to make my right turns better. That means putting more pressure on my right leg when I turn to the left side and bending my right knee more.

I’m posting this here because I want to be held accountable for it! I would not like to keep this idea to myself- I need YOU to ask me if I’m working on it, and if the left turns are improving. Hopefully, I’ll improve on that this season, and probably find something to improve for next season.




I love good coffee, good bikes, and good people.

2 thoughts on “Inspired to Improve Skiing

  1. Glad to hear this Sally.I am going through the same sort of challenges. I am recovering from breaking my back this summer. In a hydroplane racing accident. I thought too my skiing days were over. But then I thought hey Jim and Sally are out there trying
    You both have inspired me to get back out there. Hope you and your family have happy holidays

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