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Watershed Jackson

This past Saturday, I spoke at the Watershed Jackson annual fundraising gala. It was an honor to be invited back to the town where I had my ski accident, and get to speak about the challenges I went through and also my successes. The High Fives Foundation played a big role in helping to fund my achievements, and Watershed is the same type of organization. I had so much fun being back in that beautiful town again, and it was great to see so many good friends.



I love good coffee, good bikes, and good people.

2 thoughts on “Watershed Jackson

  1. Sally you looked radiant! What a wonderful gift for you to go back and share your story! I hope that leads to other speaking engagements!

  2. Sally, you look beautiful and radiant! I admire your determination and courage to progress beyond expectations. I hope you become a well-known, popular speaker, which is needed, to help people understand the impact and true possibilities of TBI.

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